• We are owner-operators. This means you are assured that the standard of professionalism and cleaning service you receive is the high standard of a business owner not an employee                                                
  • As owner-operators you always know who you're dealing with. We take your calls, we make the quotes and we wash your windows ​                                                            
  • Let's be honest, no one likes having strangers in their home.  We dress professionally and use family friendly language on all job sites so you, your family and your clients can be comfortable in your own home or at your place business                                                                                   
  • Choose Bright Brothers Window cleaning and choose the best possible service!

Our Methods

Traditional Window Cleaning

Sometimes the best method is the tried and true. So when your location will benefit most from it, we clean windows in the traditional way with a squeegee and mop.

Hi-Flo Filtered Waterfed Cleaning

If your location is suitable we use the latest technology available in waterfed cleaning. Our unique pole system and brushes get into the corners, scrub the windows as well as frames, and flawlessly filtered water rinses to leave your windows spot free and sparkling. 


Never heard of it? Check out this short video to see how our waterfed method works:


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